• Smart City Focus

    We help cities implement innovative technologies for their citizen’s benefit.

  • Solid Product Portfolio

    Centered on several usually challenging areas such as public transportation, health, security, transit and public Wi-Fi within others.

  • Strategy and Technology

    We´ve been developing strengths in smart city projects since the very beginning. Both, designing projects and implementing the technology required.

About Us

Smartvision is a strategy and technology implementation company. We help cities implement innovative technologies for their citizens benefit. Smartvision has developed strong relationships with the leading technology players around the world allowing us to offer our clients a best of breed product portfolio on several usually problematic areas such as public transportation, parking, security and transit within others.

Creativity & Ideas

We are a group of professionals with many years of experience in the technology industry.

Mastering of Technologies

We apply our knowledge and expertise to projects related to the improvement of cities.


We are motivated to always find the most innovative solutions to improve the lives of citizens.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help governments understand how the convergences of information and communication technologies help cities adapt to change, taking advantage of the opportunities that every revolution presents.

We diagram projects to generate the best return on investment (ROI) for the city.

Strategy & Consultancy

We develop the necessary strategy to help governments walk through the process of understanding new technologies for smart cities.


Since we work with leading tech partners, we implement the best technology required to make the project work according to our client’s expectation.

Our Keys to Success

Business technology knowledge; Process & tools; Innovation; Partnership network.

Implementation Areas

Sustainable Energy and Waste Management

Technologies that promote sustainable energy, waste disposal and recycling solutions.

Smart Parking, Transit Control and Supervision

Innovative solutions that presents key data for a better design of roads and parking.

Security for Open Data and Government

Technology for protecting, verifying and managing digital identities and interactions.

High Density Wi-Fi and Networking

Wi-Fi is evolving and wireless access can become a source for growing business in large venues.

Internet of Things (IoT), Sensing and Measuring

Network of physical objects with sensors and connectivity that exchange data.

Public Transportation

Technology for tracking and estimating time of arrival, passenger ques, all in mobile apps.


There are currently 7,000 millions of human beings on earth. Three times than 80 years ago.
50% of the human population lives in cities. 70% for 2050.

of the habitable earth is covered by urban areas

of drinking water
is wasted

of CO2 is generated
by cities

of the total energy
on earth is consumed
by cities

Sources of Value

  • Reduces public spending.
  • Increases efficiency and quality of services.
  • Provides support in decision-making.
  • Provides an ideal platform for innovating
    and incubating new business.
  • Provides information in real time.

Our Management


Presidente de Smartvision Latam.


Director of Smartvision Latin America.
Director de Smartvision América Latina. Anteriormente trabajó en varios cargos en empresas como Digital Tape Latam, Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires.


Partner and Head of Smartvision Europe.
He has an entrepreneurial spirit which led him to start different successful companies in Spain,
and where he played key senior roles. Jesús has a sound experience in technology companies
such as 24i, Wottoline, CUCO, Microgénesis Media and TPI.
As part of our collaboration system, SMARTVISION has developed a strategic / commercial agreement with QuadMinds for all projects related to IoT (Internet of Things).

QuadMinds designs and creates solutions for the Internet of Things, enabling businesses and cities to connect their assets to the cloud. Thanks to his passion for technology and advance the needs of each business, QuadMinds has become a key player in their companies / entities customers, providing indispensable information for decision-making process, and thus achieving a significant advance in the accomplishment of smartest cities.

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